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Fields in Types marked with beforefieldinit are initialized later when the assembly is ngened

The topic of this post is the beforefieldinit flag. Part I is basically a recap, all those things are already documented and there are great posts about that. Part II is where the fun begins. I googled very long, but I did not find that information on the web (that's why I write this now).

Periodic Tile Updates with Web Api on UWP

This post shows how to implement periodic tile updates in web api with the NotificationsExtensions.Win10 NuGet package for UWP Apps.

Building ASP.NET Applications under Mac

Last week I was in San Francisco at the Build conference and in the “Introducing ASP.NET 5 Session” there was a short demo, which was very interesting: Scott&Scott basically created an asp.net project and opened it in Visual Studio Code and compiled and started the whole thing on a Mac.

Functional programming I - OCaml

Recently I became very excited about functional programming and this post summarizes the first step of this journey. During my master’s studies in Linz I had two courses dealing with functional programming: Once I learned Hashkell, but it was only a part of a general programming languages course and I also toke an “Object-functional Programming” course and learned a little bit of Scala. Now I decided to learn OCaml…

Database synchronization between mobile devices and classical relational database management systems - Master's Thesis

I wrote my master's thesis about database synchronization and I also implemented a framework for mobile apps which synchronizes SQLite with MS SQL Server as a part of it. Maybe there is someone out there who is interested in this topic, so I decided to share the thesis with the public.

GC Flavors in .NET

Since I have to look up these things at least twice a year I decided to write an extremely compressed summary about the GC types/settings in the .NET framework.

Using Git as SCM in Visual Studio Online with Xcode 6.1

I wanted to check out my Git repository which is hosted on Visual Studio Online with Xcode on my Mac and I experienced some strange behaviour. This post is about the bug and its solution.

Passing data from C# to cross-compilable C++ via Windows Runtime

This post shows how to pass data from C# code to a portable, pure C++ layer via the Windows Runtime. This can be interesting to people who write portable C++ libraries, especially for mobile platforms.

Asynchronous programming in C#

Two posts from me were published on the about:performance blog about the async capabilities of C#

Range based for loop in C++11 and the '&' sign

This is a short post on the new range based for loop in C++11 and a short summary about an ~1h debugging session and its conclusion.