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F# in 15 minutes - .NET Concept of the Week - Episode 7

In this episode I show you a few very cool features in F#. This is an intro video intended for .NET programmers who want to learn about functional programming and wonder what F# can offer.

myTrades.Analytics - a netstandard compatible .NET technical analysis library written in F#

While working on a side project I created a netstandard compatible F# library, which basically calculates different technical analysis indicators for input data. This is mostly useful for technical stock analysis. I decided to open-source the library. This post shows what the library can do and how you can use it.

Functional programming I - OCaml

Recently I became very excited about functional programming and this post summarizes the first step of this journey. During my master’s studies in Linz I had two courses dealing with functional programming: Once I learned Hashkell, but it was only a part of a general programming languages course and I also toke an “Object-functional Programming” course and learned a little bit of Scala. Now I decided to learn OCaml…