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Passing data from C# to cross-compilable C++ via Windows Runtime

This post shows how to pass data from C# code to a portable, pure C++ layer via the Windows Runtime. This can be interesting to people who write portable C++ libraries, especially for mobile platforms.

Range based for loop in C++11 and the '&' sign

This is a short post on the new range based for loop in C++11 and a short summary about an ~1h debugging session and its conclusion.

Marshalling Jagged Arrays from CLR to Native

This week I was working on some stuff where I calculated some values in C# and I wanted to send it to a native C++ layer to use the values there. The data was originally stored in a Dictionary<int List<long>>. As soon as I realised that I want to work with this in C++ it was clear that the Dictinary and the List classes are not the best, so instead of the C# collections I used a C# jagged array and I hoped that the framework can marshal it automatically. Well I was naive…

Changing the JavaScript engine of MongoDB

his semester I was a part of a small project with Oracle labs. The goal was to see if the JavaScript engine of MongoDB could be replaced by a JVM based JavaScript engine and if so then building a prototype to show how this can be done. This post is a documentation/wrap up for that project.