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SIMD and Vectorization - .NET Concept of the Week - Episode 11

In this episode I talk about SIMD in .NET. We take a look at the Vector type from the System.Numerics namespace and I show you how you can tell RyuJIT to generate SIMD instructions with this Vector type.

Docker and ASP.NET Core - .NET Concept of the Week - Episode 10

In this episode we take a look at docker in combination with ASP.NET Core and Visual Studio.

C# 7 Performance - Playlist

I have a part in my 'High performance Coding with .NET and C#' Udemy course that is basically a stand-alone section. I uploaded it to YouTube and in this blogpost, you can watch the videos in order. It's about performance related features in C# 7.

My online teaching story: High Performance Coding with .NET Core and C#

I recently published an online course (yeaah)! In this post I would like to share the background story.

Does it make sense to invest into the stock market at all-time highs? Answered with F# on .NET Core

I created a small F# application on .NET Core which tries to help to figure out if it makes sense to invest into the stock market when it is at its all-time high. This post is about the technical details of this small program and of course I will also talk about my results.

How is Application Insights loaded into an ASP.NET Core 2.0 application and how you can do the same

ASP.NET Core 2.0 introduced a new interface called IHostingStartup and a few interesting environment variables like DOTNET_ADDITIONAL_DEPS and ASPNETCORE_HOSTINGSTARTUPASSEMBLIES.This post shows how Application Insights takes advantage of them and how you can also use them.

Build 2017 Day 1

This post is a recap of the first day of Build 2017