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Gergely Kalapos

C# 7 Performance - Playlist

Posted on January 07, 2018

I have a stand-alone section in my "High performance Coding with .NET and C#" Udemy. I uploaded it to YouTube and in this blogpost, you can watch the videos in order.
It's about performance related features in C# 7.

You can find the whole playlist on YouTube here.

And here are the videos:


In this video I show you how language features can positively affect the performance of your code and you will also learn how you can see what IL code the compiler generated from your C# code.

Local functions

In this video you will learn about local functions in C# 7. You will learn why local functions are faster than delegates.

Ref return and ref local

In this video you will learn about the 'ref return' and 'ref local' features in C# 7 and you will see how you can make your methods which return value types faster.


In this video you will learn about the performance characteristics of the Tuple feature in C# 7.


In this video you will learn about the C# 7 ValueTask feature and its performance characteristics.