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Gergely Kalapos

WebSocket in .NET Standard with UWP and Xamarin - .NET Concept of the week - Episode 2

Posted on January 14, 2018

The second video form my new thing is out! In this short video I show you how you can use WebSocket in a .NET Standard library and then we will use this .NET Standard library in a UWP and in a Xamarin.iOS app.

About a week ago I released the first version of myTrades Crypto in the Windows Store, which is a chart analysis tool (basically a UWP app) for cryptocurrencies. It uses CryptoCompare as its data source and this week I played a little bit with WebSocket API of CryptoCompare. This was the inspiration for this video.

The source code of the sample application can be found here on GitHub.
And here is the API documentation of CryptoCompare.