These are some projects I work on in my spare time.


myTrades is a technical analysis software, which helps users to analyze different stocks and indices and monitors the market.

The software with 3 main functionalities:

Currently myTrades is released for Windows 10 via the Windows Store.

Get it on Windows 10


PasswordWallet is a tool to store your passwords and usernames for different domains. You can easily copy and paste the stored items with the buttons on the tiles. The App uses Pbkdf2 to encrypt all the passwords and usernames. All the Data stored on the local computer is encrypted and derived from the master password over a multiple layer encryption system.

Number of downloads (21.02.2017): ~16000

Get it from Microsoft

Picture ReNamer

Picture ReNamer allows you to rename and manage your pictures. You can reorder the pictures by drag&drop, you can rename a single image or all of them with a few clicks.

Get it on Windows 10